E      L      E      C     T      R      O     N      I      C      A

             E   X   O   T   I   C   A   for the real space age

BTW Syntheholics / SeeNoEvil is being revamped, reconstructed, reconstrued, updated, remade, rebuilt, recombobulated

ex·oti·ca  (ig-zot’i-ku)  Things that are curiously unusual or  excitingly strange, foreign or unfamiliar, odd customs, etc.  Introduced from an alternate thought process, pure fantasy : not native… plural from Latin of exoticus

New Tears by Kevin Cox-SeeNoEvil 2021. This is the second and most recent tribute song for JoLee. I love you my darling, always in the corner of my day
Syntheholics is delving into Eurorack Modular Synthesis and new directions. More to come.
early eurorack experiment 15sec

other stuff by Syntheholics

Gratiot by Syntheholics featuring Chapman Stick bass line by KCox
Baloney Breath by SeeNoEvil
Dorit’s Adventure
Uninsured Thrill Ride by Syntheholics
You Don’t Love Me
Arab the Spider by Syntheholics
Sit On A Rock (produced with SawPro)
SeeNoEvil piano arrangement of an old hymn-Amazing Grace by John Newton / E.O.Excell

Trip Luck (updated Nov2022)

MannyB & friends at Wacky Yacky’s (before transformation into GangaBong