Dream Research

SeeNoEvil is conducting Dream Research on live human subjects and producing the results with amazing success.

Dream Research Labs have achieved the successful consciousness-interface with a human test subject during REM sleep. Thought-invasive techniques coupled with new technologies and re-interpolative software have produced the phonic personification of sustained dream sequences, the translation of alpha waves into hypostatic audio energy, on several isolated occasions.

The resulting data stream is very coherent. Thought patterns articulate indirectly into recognizable themes, sounds, and textures, quite literally, the soundtrack of a dream. We visualize and hear the somnolent imagination of the subject. It is unbelievable and astounding, as the human unconscious unfolds into distinct soundscapes, where feelings and notions translate to a palette of sonic images, timbres, rhythms, and colors.

The recording of dream sequences can occur only under optimal conditions. Over the course of two decades, only several such instances have produced the desired effect. Each session was carefully documented and recorded for further study. Due to the extremely brief nature of dreams and the expansion of time in the dream state, dream sequence files must undergo finely tuned decompression algorithms , in an effort to recreate a real-time semblance of a “normal” listening experience.

Listen to four dream interpolations from the Dream Research project.

Life of A Garfish (formerly Early Weather)
Dream Research
ShBird At Night