2022 SeeNoEvil/Syntheholics Experiments, Exploration, Discovery

Eurorack Modular Synthesis …this new journey begins here

We the People Jan2023 3-1/2 min
No There There Jan2023 :58
Misinformation – JUN2022
Expert Sleepers FH-2, AJH MinMods, Doepfer Precision Adders and A-130-8 Octal VCA and switches and A-143-2 Quad ADSR, Tiptop MixZ and Dual Oscillator Model 2581, Intellijel Mixup and Buffered Mults, Mordax Data, ALM Pamela’s Workout, Xaoc Batumi, Erica Synths Dual FX, and Yamaha Motif XF
It’s WHAT It’s Oct2022 10:04
The updated audio track for the Baloney Breath video with added eurorack track.
Rhetoric – Nov2022 2:21
video sample of 41822B
41822B is Project1 Learning Eurorack
variVor 8:26

more sound & noize digital audio files for eurorack mangling

Practical Electronics from Oct. 1967 I did not make this, it is for historical reference. This flexible plastic record came in a magazine.