Loop Show

circa 2005

LoopShow [no longer] Live, [out of production]

formerly Unique & marginally ūüôā Entertaining, Music & Sound¬†¬†

SeeNoEvil was a one man show featuring unique,  fun, original music, boasting an exciting full sound using  keyboards, synthesizers, samplers, drum pads, Chapman Stick, rhythm generators, the newest technologies in phrase looping, and the latest trends in sound reinforcement.

Coconut Rum

Amber Spirit (at Uptown Bill’s)

Anything Can Happen

Hey Man I Play Gui-Tah

Train of Thought


Alien Excursion



All Kicks


SeeNoEvil¬†¬†music is derivative hybrid- Rock/kitchen sink…it is funky, rockin’, blues, kickin’,¬† island, tribal, dream,¬† scary, weird, cool, with energetic rhythms;¬† exceptional sound and exclusive presentation.

SeeNoEvil  music is performed;  the music is  presented LIVE and layered  to produce a satisfying, big sound.  There are NO pre-recorded tracks.  The flexibility of  loop technology always leaves the music  open to re-interpretation and improvisation, maintaining a fresh and exciting sound experience. 

¬†“…It’s fascinating to watch this guy play, sing and build songs with this¬†equipment !¬† This is definitely an entertainment experience tailored for the new millennium.¬† Kevin kicks bass lines on this odd looking new stringed instrument [the Chapman Stick], plays keyboards, beats on drum pad machines…it’s a superb sound with an improvisational edge.¬†¬† All the music is played fresh and new with each performance…the sound system appears very unconventional;¬† the unbelievable sound emanates from…a ‘pole’, has great bottom end and will fill a room…this IS entertainment for the newest modern age ! ”¬† – Ben Dover

The music is  delivered LOUD and present via the Bose Cylindrical Radiator System, the latest concept in sound distribution.   

O C T 2 9
is a CD of¬† selections¬† from the SeeNoEvil¬† one-man show.¬† These are some pretty off-kilter tunes, if you can even call ’em that:¬† Alien Excursion, All Kicks, Life of A Garfish, Train of Thought, Coconut Rum, Sometimes, Oct31ShBird, and Catherine Emily (loop-show version).¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†